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Luna Moon Goddess Pendant in Sterling Silver

Wizard Oberon Zell designed this gorgeous representation of Luna, Goddess of the Heavens.

Luna Moon Goddess Pendant in Sterling Silver at Jewelry Gem Shop,  Sterling Silver Jewerly | Gemstone Jewelry | Unique Jewelry
  • Luna Moon Goddess Pendant in Sterling Silver at Jewelry Gem Shop,  Sterling Silver Jewerly | Gemstone Jewelry | Unique Jewelry
  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Designed by Wizard Oberon Zell
  • Plain Silver or with Blue Enamel
  • Height: 1 3/4 Inches
  • Our Price: $80.00

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Luna Moon Goddess Pendant in Sterling Silver by Peter Stone Spiritual Jewelry

The goddess of the Moon was called Luna and Diana by the Romans, Selene and Artemis by the Greeks, and many other names in other mythologies.

In works of art, this goddess is generally represented as a beautiful maiden, clad in a short hunting dress, armed with a bow, a quiver full of arrows at her side, and a crescent on her well-poised head. The sudden deaths of women were attributed to her shafts; but, she was also a goddess of healing. She was represented many times as a huntress, with hunting dogs and a boar’s head at her side. Diana is described as guiding her silvery chariot over the sky at night. She had three aspects: Luna in the heavens, Diana on earth, and Hecate, goddess of witchcraft, in the underworld.

This stunning pendant designed by Wizard Oberon Zell, is available in solid sterling or with deep blue enameling. It measures 1 3/4 inches high including the attached bail and is about 1 inch wide.

Item Number: PS-TP3202 | Approximate Size (Inches): 1.00 wide x 0.05 deep x 1.75 high | Approximate Shipping Weight: 0.25 lbs.

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Sterling SilverSterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of pure silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. Sterling silver is hypo-allergenic though a few people may have reactions depending on their individual body chemistry. With regular ware, sterling silver does not tarnish, however if not worn for a period of time, the copper or other metals can tarnish or blacken. A polishing cloth is the simplest way to clean and polish your sterling silver.
Country of Origin
OriginHand Made in Thailand

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To order call US Toll Free: 877-822-3318 or 407-574-5327