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Necklaces at Jewelry Gem Shop

Necklaces add a sparkling touch to your wardrobe and are ready to wear with chains or neck cords included.

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5th Root Race Beam of Light Pendant

The base of this pendant is a beautiful, square slab of Selenite about 1 inch square. Selenite opens the pathw..

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A Flight of Bats Arcanus Necklace by Anne Stokes

A Flight of Four Bats bring gifts from the corners of the Night Sky. Everything comes in time to those who can..

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Absinthe Fairy Gothic Pewter Necklace

Absinthe is said to be the spirit of fairies lifting you to flights of fantasy upon their wings. The Absint..

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Abydos Anomaly Egyptian Pewter Pendant

This is a hieroglyph from the temple of Seti I at Abydos. The image seems to show a helicopter and several oth..

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Aequicorn Pewter Unicorn Seahorse Necklace

From aequor; sea, equus; horse and cornus; horn - the preserved remains of an elusive, mythical and magical cr..

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Aethera Draconem Gothic Dragon Necklace

The Ether Dragon, one of the five pagan guardians of the elements, clutches the effulgently iridescent sphere ..

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Affaire du Coeur Skull Heart Pendant

An assignation between two strange and exotic creatures from another place, amorous beneath the stars in the n..

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Air Dragon Pewter Necklace

Flying high above the mundane world, Air Dragon brings inspiration and intuitive knowledge. For Mental and ..

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Alchemist Amulet Gothic Pewter Necklace

A neatly discreet version of the time-honored Alchemist's skull talisman, on the 40th Anniversary of his 'comi..

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Alchemist Skull Pewter Dreadpunk Necklace

A skull clutches a black rose in its teeth. Rendered in fine pewter with a nickel-free silver tone chain. ..

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Alligator Pathfinder Animal Totem Porcelain Necklace

These powerful predators and power animals slumber in the shade and wait patiently in the shallows, they hold ..

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Alter Orbis Pewter Necklace

A skeleton hangs from shackled split nickel-free silver chains.  Rendered in fine pewter. ..

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Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pewter Pendant

A classic, ornate and highly intricate amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking Saxon or Viking ..

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Amon-Ra Rams Head Pewter Necklace

Stylized, detailed rams head necklace has a crystal drop. On a double nickel-free silver and black chain...

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Amour Eternel Gothic Ankh Pendant by Alchemy Gothic

Fine pewter, delicate gothic Ankh pendant has black enamel hearts and a silverlight crystal. Pendant is about ..

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Angel of Destiny Gothic Necklace by Anne Stokes

The True Teacher calls on you to destroy falsehoods and reveal your truest stuff. It take courage, but trust y..

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Angel Ring Enochian Necklace

Michael, for the sun; Gabriel, for the moon;  Camael, for Mars; Anael, for Venus; Raphael, for Mercury; Z..

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Angelic Chain Crystal Keeper Angel Necklace

My Angel’s wings shimmer faster than light, wielding the Chain of Invincibility and promising to keep my..

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Anguis Aeternus Dragon Pewter Necklace

Finely detailed dragon pendant with giant purple Swarovski crystal treasure held tight in his coils. Made o..

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Anguistralobe Pewter Steampunk Necklace

Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies..

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Ankh Charm on Agate Bead Egyptian Necklace

The ankh is the hieroglyphic symbol for eternal life in ancient Egyptian writing and represents divine or eter..

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Ankh Egyptian Cross Necklace

Made of a lead free alloy and plated, his lovely ankh is gold tone with matching chain. ..

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Ankh Inscribed Pewter Necklace

Inscribed with hieroglyphics, this Ankh is about 2 inches high on a 33 inch long black neck cord. Comes in pew..

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Ankh of the Dead Pewter Necklace

Vampyre's talisman of eternity, incorporating its secret life-blood blade inside the symbolic scabbard; in ant..

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Ankh Plain Pewter Necklace

Simply elegant Ankh is about 2 inches high on a 33 inch long black neck cord. Comes in pewter or antique br..

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Ankh Pyramid Egyptian Necklace

This lovely pendant is cast in lead free pewter then gold plated and enameled to bring out the detail. It is s..

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Ankh Small Amulet for Health, Prosperity and Long Life

The Ankh represents living and everlasting life, not only in the material world but in the spiritual afterli..

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Ankh with Winged Scarab Pewter Necklace

Winged Scarab Ankh is about 2 inches high on a 33 inch long black neck cord. Comes in pewter or antique bra..

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Anubis Cartouche Pewter Necklace

Anubis was the ancient Egyptian God of the Dead. When his priests embalmed the dead, preparing them for the..

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Aqua Amazon Stone Necklace

Natural stones with a toggle clasp. 24 inches long. Please expect variation on items made with natural ..

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Aquarius Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 19) Planet: Uranus Positive Expression: Futuristic, Independent, Humanitari..

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Aquarius Zodiac Pewter Necklace

About 1 inch in diameter. It comes with a 24 inch long black satin cord necklace. ..

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Aries Zodiac Mini Wand Pendant

ARIES (March 20 - April 20) Planet: Mars Positive Expression: Assertive, Energetic, Courageous, Active, and..

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Armadillo Pathfinder Animal Totem Porcelain Necklace

The armadillo, Spanish for "little armored one," is most well-known for its armored shell. Its armor provide a..

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Armageddon Bullet Necklace

The battle at the end of time - the Book of Revelation. The unlucky number in Italy is 17; from its Roman nume..

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Aura Wolf Enchanted Cameo by Anne Stokes

Created by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Beautiful double howling wolf with Celtic knotwork cameo featu..

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Avalonian Phoenix Necklace

Otherworld mythology states that Avalon is an island of peace and paradise. The Celtic phoenix soars between t..

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Awaiting the Eventide Pewter Bat Necklace

A roosting vampire bat, silent and motionless, anticipates the dusk and the final vestige of light to be extin..

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Awakening Beam of Light Pendant

The base of this pendant is a beautiful, square slab of Selenite about 1 inch square. Selenite opens the pathw..

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Bacchanal Black Rose Victorian Necklace

A sumptous necklace with a romantic motif of black roses set on pewter scrolling vines. A sparkly Swarvoski cr..

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Necklaces at Jewelry Gem Shop

Beautiful necklaces are ready to wear with neck cords or chains included and come in a huge variety of styles for men and women. We feature well known brands as well as smaller, artisan made pieces that are truly unique.

Made in sterling silver, fine pewter, bronze, and other materials, some of these necklaces feature gemstones or semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, enameling and other amazing details. From big and bold, to sparkling and delicate, you will find just the right amount of bling for you.

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