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Alchemy Gothic Jewelry and Decor

Buy with confidence from one of the largest authorized dealers of Alchemy Gothic in the US. Shop Alchemy 1977 gothic jewelry and home decor.

Alchemy Gothic produces some of the most beautiful, unique gothic jewelry - rings, necklaces, belt buckles, earrings for men and women - and home decor in the world. Their unique and beautiful gothic designs have been featured in numerous movies, TV shows, on stage, and photo shoots.

LAB Enterprises has been an authorized Alchemy Gothic dealer since 2001 offering their full range of wonderful Gothic and esoteric jewelry, house wares, gothic clothing, purses and bags and more.

Gothic Plus carries the full line of Alchemy Gothic jewelry, flasks, Steampunk, Tankards, plaques and more
The range of Alchemy Gothic products is extensive and includes Tankards, Flasks, Gothic Jewellery, Gift ware and many other products. Most are made in fine English Pewter with crystals, enameling and other embellishments. They also have a partnership with world famous Sheffield Silver to produce silver plated tankards, flasks, and other table wear.

Alchemy 1977’s (formerly Alchemy Gothic) esoteric and contemporary jewellery is world-renowned and is the undisputed leader in Gothic lifestyle accessories. Celebrities and musicians love Alchemy's unique line and are owned by Adam Lambert, Five Finger Death Punch, Live Boeree, 69 Eyes, Abney Park, Skunk DF, and more. Alchemy pieces are always unique, sometimes dark, and definitely goth.

As Alchemy Gothic pieces are made in the UK, delivery time is usually 2-3 weeks for most items, however, since early 2012, Alchemy has begun stocking many pieces in the US, including most of their fantastic jewelry so express delivery is possible for many of these pieces. Some of their higher end items like clocks and leather goods are produced in smaller quantities, however, so 2-3 weeks is a good estimate for these items. Because we are a direct, authorized dealer, we can get inventory and delivery information for you, so please contact us with any special requirements.

A Night with Goeth Bat Wing Earwrap

Nocturnal stirrings, returning from the grave in search of a lost lover, the creature roams. Stories of revena..


Absinthe Fairy Gothic Pewter Necklace

Absinthe is said to be the spirit of fairies lifting you to flights of fantasy upon their wings.The Absinthe F..


Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal Pewter Ring

Large pale green Swarvoski crystal ring is set in a pewter setting with fairy spirits on the side band for a r..


Ace of Dead Spades Leather Strap Bracelet

The ace of spades is an evocative image on its own referring to the time of death or destruction when used in ..


Aequicorn Pewter Unicorn Seahorse Necklace

From aequor; sea, equus; horse and cornus; horn - the preserved remains of an elusive, mythical and magical cr..


Aethera Draconem Gothic Dragon Necklace

The Ether Dragon, one of the five pagan guardians of the elements, clutches the effulgently iridescent sphere ..


Affaire du Coeur Skull Heart Pendant

An assignation between two strange and exotic creatures from another place, amorous beneath the stars in the n..


AGLA Kaballah Pewter Ring

The central Kabbalistic sigil is 'Agla', which stands for 'Thou art mighty forever, O Lord' under a dome of tr..


Airbourne Wings Pewter Band Necklace

Airbourne pendant is made of fine English pewter complete with chain.Made of fine English pewter, this necklac..


Alchemist Amulet Gothic Pewter Necklace

A neatly discreet version of the time-honored Alchemist's skull talisman, on the 40th Anniversary of his 'comi..


Alchemist Skull Pewter Dreadpunk Necklace

A skull clutches a black rose in its teeth. Rendered in fine pewter with a nickel-free silver tone chain...


Alchemist Stud Pair of Gothic Skull Earrings

Miniature Alchemist skulls for Acolytes incognito. Finely detailed petite skulls hold a rose between their bon..


Alchemy Pewter Gothic Beads/Beard Rings Set of 3

Finely detailed pewter beads are designed to be worn on a braid in your hair or beard, but they are great for ..


Alter Orbis Pewter Necklace

A skeleton hangs from shackled split nickel-free silver chains.  Rendered in fine pewter...


Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pewter Pendant

A classic, ornate and highly intricate amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking Saxon or Viking ..


Angel Ring Enochian Necklace

Michael, for the sun; Gabriel, for the moon;  Camael, for Mars; Anael, for Venus; Raphael, for Mercury; Z..


Angels Eye Pewter Ring

The Seal of Metatron, including the pentagram, is engraved in the back of the crystal eye in this stuning pewt..


Anguis Aeternus Dragon Pewter Necklace

Finely detailed dragon pendant with giant purple Swarovski crystal treasure held tight in his coils. Made o..


Anguistralobe Pewter Steampunk Necklace

Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies..


Ankh of the Dead Pewter Necklace

Vampyre's talisman of eternity, incorporating its secret life-blood blade inside the symbolic scabbard; in ant..


Arboreus Elf Ear Wraps - Single or Pair

Fine pewter Elf ear earwrap can be gently squeezed and adjusted for fit. This Victorian gothic fantasy of swir..


Awaiting the Eventide Pewter Bat Necklace

A roosting vampire bat, silent and motionless, anticipates the dusk and the final vestige of light to be extin..


Bacchanal Black Rose Drop Earrings

A romantic symbol of love eternal, the black rose studs have surgical steel posts. Made in fine English pewter..


Bacchanal Black Rose Gothic Bracelet

A sumptuous bracelet with a romantic motif hiding, or revealing, a secret libertine passion for wine and sensu..


Bacchanal Black Rose Victorian Necklace

A sumptous necklace with a romantic motif of black roses set on pewter scrolling vines. A sparkly Swarvoski cr..


Bastet Egyptian Goddess Pewter Choker

Celebrating Bastet, the Egyptian warrior goddess who transformed into the black cat protectress, bringer of jo..


Bat Dress Pins - Set of 3

These delicate little stick pins are perfect for a hat, jacket lapel, so much more. Would be perfect to hold l..


Bat Stud Pewter Earrings

Discreet little bat earrings for the nocturnal hunter are pewter with surgical steel posts...


Bed of Blood Roses Ear Wrap

Unique piece by Alchemy Gothic in fine English pewter with surgical steel post - cannot really call it an ear ..


Bed of Blood Roses Pewter Necklace

The heart is the seedbed of tangled emotions and condemned romance; black roses flourish in the heart’s blood...


Bed of Roses Pewter Gothic Wrist Watch

Swarovski crystals glitter from beneath the bright red enamel. Amazingly detailed watch in pewter with a fine ..


Bestia Regalis Dragon Earring Pair

Emerald Swarvoski crystals are curled in the tails of these extraordinary beasts. Pair of lovely pewter ea..


Betrothal Gothic Heart Pewter Ring

Perfect as a Gothic engagement or wedding ring,  gorgeous gothic scrollwork frames a deep red enamel hear..


Bindrune Thors Hammer Pewter Necklace

Thor's legendary hammer rendered in fine pewter with a nickel-free silver tone chain. Solid and heavy - truly ..


Black Cat Sith Earwrap Earring

Superstition and folklore pervade the mysterious black cat. Known in Celtic mythology as the fairy Cat Sith, a..


Black Cherry Gothic Earrings

A pair of earrings of enameled cherries - the symbols of youth and innocence. But take a deeper look into thei..


Black Cherry Gothic Pendant

Enameled cherries - the symbols of youth and innocence. But take a deeper look into their enameled depths and ..


Black Consort Raven Leather Strap Bracelet

The eyes and ears and dark companion of Odin, the majestic raven, wings outstretched, glides alongside its ado..


Black Consort Raven Pewter Ring

An unequivocally loyal companion, the majestic raven, wings outstretched, glides alongside its adopted squire ..


Black Dragons Lure Earring Wrap

Sold as single earring in black pewter with hypo allergenic post and back. Easiest way to put this unique..


Black Knights Cross Pewter Necklace

The Black Knight's cross, a simple yet pointed enamel pendant, crowned by a pewter skull. This pendant is ..


Black Leather Plain Belt

High quality, 1½ inches (38mm) wide, black split leather belt straps with press-stud fastenings to accept any ..


Black Raven Earring Pair

Dark and sultry feathered companions make sure your admirers do not underestimate your character. Black pew..


Black Raven Pewter Necklace

In two-tone, blackened pewter with polished mount on a 27 inch ball nickel-free silver chain...


Black Rose Stud Earrings

The Black Rose stud earrings by Alchemy Gothic are made from fine English pewter and measure approx 1cm in wid..


Black Star Pentagram Pendant with Chain

Supernatural forces leech from the Stygian pentagram, empowering the wearer to initiate and control, even beyo..


Black Swan Heart Necklace with Crystal Drop

Did you know swans mate for life? That makes this double swan necklace the perfect expression of your undying ..


Blast Furnace Behemoth Steampunk Dragon Necklace

A Victorian mad man's dream, or a futuristic creation of great ambition and genius? A monstrous, though benevo..


Bleeding Heart Post Earring Pair

Blood red Swaroski Crystals dangle from post heart earrings with another crystal in their center. Pair of ..


Blood Heart Black Rose Heart Pewter Necklace

The black roses and bloody red heart of dispassion, a telltale mark of the female corsair, amorous she wolf an..


Blood Moon Pewter Bat Necklace

Deep red enameled blood moon surrounded by bats. Pewter with a nickel free silvertone chain...


Bullet for My Valentine Disc Necklace

Bullet for my Valentine logo disc pendant is made of fine English pewter complete with chain.Made of fine Engl..


Bushido Katana Sword Single Pewter Earring

Pewter sword earring has characters for The Way of the Warrior (Bushido - Mediaeval Japan's code of chivalry):..


Bushido Pewter Necklace

The Katana - iconic sword of the samurai warrior, engraved down the length of its blade with the seven virtues..


Capitaneus Pewter Skull Arrowhead Necklace

Primitive power in the long-distant days before order, the head of the tribe in the ages of darkness, long sin..


Caput Mortum Pewter Dreadpunk Skull Ring

A reminder of the mortality of us all. Skull heads are 8mm on a band that is 6mm wide...


Carpe Diem Leather Strap Bracelet

A skull, beautifully 3D modelled in a tattoo style is mounted on a quality Black Leather wrist strap on t..


Cat Sith Black Pewter Necklace

Superstition and folklore pervade the mysterious black cat. Known in Celtic mythology as the fairy Cat Sith, a..


Cat Sith Hair Slide Barrette

Known in Celtic mythology as the fairy Cat Sith, a black cat could be a witch's familiar, or may court many su..


Cesares Vetro Sword Post Earring

Pewter dagger earring (single earring) with a crystal blood drop and surgical steel post...


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