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Latest Products Added

Jormungand World Serpent Ouroboros Pendant

A child of the Norse god Loki, Jörmungandr, the ‘Midgard’ or World Serpent is the greatest ouroboros. Encircli..


Epiphany of St Corvus Gothic Raven Necklace

The dove of peace and love conjoins with the raven of conflict and battle, harmonizing in romantic redemption...


Draig O Gariad Dragon Heart Necklace

Distilled romance. Wild Celtic passion, fought for and guarded with the strength of a dragon defending the anc..


Black Swan Heart Necklace with Crystal Drop

Did you know swans mate for life? That makes this double swan necklace the perfect expression of your undying ..


Black Star Pentacle Pendant with Chain

Supernatural forces leech from the Stygian pentacle, empowering the wearer to initiate and control, even beyon..


Uniskull Gothic Unicorn Pewter Necklace

The true nature of the legendary unicorn of antiquity reveals a perfectly ferocious creature, capable of being..


Hand of Macbeth Gothic Dagger Pendant

Beware the seduction of ultimate power - megalomania will bring your own downfall. Beautifully made of fine En..


Clutching Life Pewter Pendant

Finely detailed skeletal hand grasps an amethyst glass orb. In fine pewter measuring 1.10 inch long, it comes ..


Bestselling Products

Temptation Snake Ear Wrap

The serpent of Eden twists through and around the beguiled wearer’s ear. Inspired by the tale of Eve in the Ga..


Automatons Eye Steampunk Pewter Ring

A surviving, stand-alone animated integrant of the advanced, life-sized android from the famous workshops of E..


Bed of Blood Roses Pewter Necklace

The heart is the seedbed of tangled emotions and condemned romance; black roses flourish in the heart’s blood...


Betrothal Gothic Heart Pewter Ring

Perfect as a Gothic engagement or wedding ring,  gorgeous gothic scrollwork frames a deep red enamel hear..